Growth For Aiken County

Aiken County has many economic opportunities that can create long term growth for our community, but that doesn't happen by accident. I plan on working hard to bring these jobs and investments straight to Aiken County. To do that, I will create an environment for growth and success, and build incentives for the expansion of all business in Aiken, large and small.

Responsible Government

But even while planning for future growth and development in Aiken County, we can't lose sight of the present. That's why I want to not only maintain, but actively work to improve our schools and roads. I also plan to help repair the Savannah River Locke and Dam to its former glory, so that Aiken County continues to benefit from the riverfront community.

A Track Record To Prove It

As a member of the Aiken County Board since 2000, I have a long history of setting Aiken County on the right track. I worked hard to encourage the construction of MOX Facilities and Bridgestone Manufacturing in Aiken County, which has brought 5 billion dollars of revenue and thousands of jobs to Aiken. I am also working hard to promote Project Jackson, encourage the expansion of the Savannah River Site, and bring Cyber growth to Aiken County. Chuck has also been a strong advocate for changes to the “Payment in Lieu of Taxes” system in which DOE compensates Aiken, Barnwell and Allendale Counties for lost property tax revenues. His efforts resulted in higher revenues for these three counties. As Chairman of Aiken County, I can ensure that Aiken County has a bright future.



"No" Is Not A Solution.

I firmly believe that together we can set Aiken County on the path to success. Submit your contact information to support Chuck Smith and Aiken County.

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